High School February 20-23, 2018

      We are getting ready!  On Monday morning the grade 8s will visit us at our High School Experience day; the worship team is ready, student council plans are underway, and our teachers have prepared their classes.  All grade 8 students, including those not currently attending Maranatha, are welcome to come, starting at 8:45 A.M.  Then later on in the evening, we will host our grade 7/8 parents for dinner.  We are excited to welcome our valued guests and can’t wait to share about the good things happening here!

      There is a bit of a welcome lull in our sports schedule as badminton and soccer are just starting, and our swim team awaits the start of OFSAA.   But rehearsals for our upcoming dramatic production, It Happens Every Summer, are in full swing.  See photo below.   Plan to attend our performances on May 24 – 26, 2018. 

      Our robotics team has been anything but idle.  It was a frantic push to the end, often meeting until 8 P.M. most evenings to meet their deadline.   Tuesday, February 20 was BAG DAY for the FRC Robotics competition where all teams had to stop all work on the robot until the first tournament.  MCA Infinity Robotics (4595) wrapped up their work as well and the robot is in great shape.  We used pneumatics for the first time and our robot is faster than it has ever been before.  We are looking forward to our upcoming tournaments:  Waterloo, March 22-24 and Windsor, March 29-31.  

Today during their prep time, our teachers, Mr. Robson and Mr. Kuikman, collaborate together as they prepare for their upcoming frog dissection classes in Grade 10 science. 

Patty Broom