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High School at MCA

Welcome to our Maranatha’s Secondary School Virtual Open House! Our high school has a reputation for being rigorous, but that gets at the “Maranatha Difference.” Because of our small class sizes, our students cannot fall between the cracks or fail to meet certain academic benchmarks. They are under the watchful eye of their teachers, whom you will hear from in this Virtual Open House. You are encouraged to read their brief biographies where you will discover their heart for the Lord and for their students.

Our teachers have a strong sense of calling and are motivated to be in relationship with the students. They also desire to help each student discover and develop their unique God-given abilities, so the students are prepared for the future. Research shows students learn best when they know their teacher cares about them as an individual. Knowing they are loved during the challenging adolescent years when mental health can be a concern, is invaluable. Maranatha provides the foundation and support system for ideal learning conditions.

High School Program Details

Course Calendar

Students and parents need to consider a lot of information as they transition to high school. Our course calendar answers your questions. In addition to many other important details, it provides the rationale for our programming and the framework of who we are as a Christian school.

Applied and Academic courses

These are two different pathways to a student’s destination after graduation – that is, where God is leading them to make the best use of the gifts, abilities and skills he has given them. The destination is where they will be best served and where they will best serve in the world. In general, applied classes are more hands on and practical while academic classes involve more abstract thinking. In Grade 9 and 10, the courses are designated with a “P” (Applied), a “D” (Academic) or an “O” (Open – not specifically part of either pathway). In Grade 11 and 12, the designations change to “U” (University), “C” (College) and “M” (University and/or College). To attend university, students need to pursue the academic/university classes or the “M”- designated classes.

Knowing which pathway is best

It can be a difficult decision for parents and students. When selecting academic and applied compulsory courses, our Guidance Counsellor Chad Heaton says the following should be considered: Pray! And read the Bible, seeking the considerations that will help the discern the path forward. Involve parents/guardians and the student. Speak to Mr. Heaton to help process the thinking. Consider post-secondary plans. Speak to former and current teachers who will consider the student’s achievement levels in Grade 7 and 8 and their learning skills/styles.

Isn’t the Ontario government eliminating streaming pathways?

You may have heard the government announce its intention to shift away from pathways, but so far it has not moved forward in its plan. Schools cannot tell you what that looks like as the government has not shared details with educators. That means, for now, students must use the existing system. For more information about our course offerings, please see our MCA Course Calendar.

Students enrolled in Maranatha Christian Academy work towards both an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and a Maranatha Christian Secondary School Diploma (MCSSD).


OSSD requirements

30 credits (110 hours each)

  • 18 compulsory credits
  • 12 elective credits
  • 40 hrs. community service
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (taken in Grade 10)
  • Grade 10 Careers Job Shadowing Placement


MCSSD requirements

All the OSSD requirements plus an extra credit (31 credits) and three specific compulsory classes

  • 1 Bible credit in Grade 9 (this is the additional credit)
  • Grade 11 World Religions & World History to the 15th Century
  • Grade 12 Equity and Social Justice


For more specifics about our degree requirements please view our requirements document.

See this sample program to see how many credits are required each year to stay on track for graduation and to see how many classes are compulsory and elective each year.


Sample High School Program

One of Maranatha’s goals is  to raise up Godly men and women who will be leaders wherever the Lord takes them, regardless of whether they become doctors, missionaries, teachers, stay-at-home parents, factory workers etc. To that end, we provide leadership opportunities including:

  • Speaking/leading worship at Friday chapels
  • Serving on Student Council
  • Playing on our Athletics teams
  • Taking part in our major drama productions
  • Singing in our high school choir or playing in our high school band
  • Serving on our Grade 12 missions trip and/or with local missions organizations
  • Fundraising
  • Helping in other ways, as needed, to raise up Godly men and women who will be leaders wherever the Lord takes them.
On Tuesdays and Thursday 3:30-4:30 p.m., teachers are available to assist with homework and with figuring out essential concepts.

Maranatha Christian Academy is actively striving to be a more inclusive school, recognizing the diversity that exists amongst God’s children. Each child that comes through the school’s doors is a unique creation of the one true God and is made in His image—regardless of ability, ethnic background or socio-economic status.


Our Student Support Services Director Johanna Van Rooyen deals with each student on a case-by-case basis. Staff strive to foster the student’s development and feeling of security within the classroom by providing support and assistance, when needed, to help the student flourish within the classroom.


Maranatha values a Christ-centered community that is a safe and caring environment in which all students develop their God-given gifts and use them as participants in God’s Kingdom. Each student is to be part of a caring Christian community within the classroom and school. The Student Support Services strive to complement and foster this development and feeling of security within the classroom by providing support and assistance, when needed, to help the student flourish within the classroom.


Maranatha is committed to providing a positive learning environment, in both the regular classroom and with student support services, for neurotypical and neurodivergent students. Educational opportunities aim to nurture the unique needs and talents of each student with exceptionalities using a strengths-based student-centered approach. The Student Support Services Director works hand-in-hand with the classroom teachers to ensure student accommodations are being implemented to their fullest extent. The students also have access to the support services room when needed. We are committed to meeting the academic and social needs of each student to the best of our ability, in order that each student may feel like an important, integral part of the classroom community.


Determining if Maranatha can meet a student’s needs
Striving to meet the unique needs of each student to the best of our ability is a challenging process that, at times, requires discussion and review. MCA is privately owned and operated and seeks to provide an affordable Christ-centered education for its students. As such, the limited resources we have may affect the amount of specialized education Maranatha is able to provide. Maranatha will accommodate enrolled students to the point of undue hardship in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Admittance of a student with exceptionalities requires significant and intentional communication to determine a student’s strengths and needs and the ability of Maranatha to meet those needs. At times, a student’s needs may be better met elsewhere. A procedure for admittance of a new student with exceptionalities is available as well as a procedure for access to additional support for a current student of Maranatha.

A requirement for graduation in Ontario, students must volunteer a minimum of 40 hours over four years. This encourages civic responsibility and promotes community values. It also supports a student’s career explorations and reinforces the importance of volunteering. There is a broad range of unpaid activities available for students to choose from, and there are provincial policies/guidelines governing the placements.

Maranatha is also pleased to offer a Cooperative Education program as well as the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) in Grade 12. Students can apply their learning in half-day placements in local industries, businesses and institutions. Maranatha, in conjunction with Edvance Christian Schools, works closely with the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) to train students and locate appropriate work placements. For further information, see the OYAP FAQ’s and view Johanna Van Rooyen’s video below.

Students must take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test in Grade 10 and must pass the test to graduate. The achievement is recorded in their Ontario Student Transcript. The test is based on language arts and communication expectations of the curriculum up to and including Grade 9. If the student is unable to meet the standard on their first attempt, remedial help will be available. The student must retake test until the standard is met or take the OLC4O1 course in summer school.

Meet the Teachers

Get to know our teachers and learn about our high school options.

Spiritual Foundations

One of the unique qualities of MCA is our Bible-centered education. Each year, we select a theme and a verse for our high school to help develop our students spiritually. These themes influence our chapel topics as well as our conversations.


In the 2020-2021 school year, our theme verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Throughout the year, we will unpack the idea of Sufficient Grace: His Strength, My Weakness.

High School Accomplishments

2017    First place – Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event FIRST Robotics competition

2019    Young Entrepreneur Award – Youthrive (business) competition (Enactus/UWindsor)

2019    Champion – Youthrive (business) competition (Enactus/UWindsor)

Our Athletics teams are consistently strong. Among our Panthers’ successes:

2019-2020   WECSSAA “A” Semi-Finalists – Senior Girls Volleyball

2019-2020   WECSSAA “A” Finalists – Senior Boys Volleyball 

2016-2017   WECSSAA “A”  Champions and OFSAA Participants – Senior Girls Volleyball 

2016-2017   WECSSAA “A” Champions – Junior Boys Volleyball 

2016-2017   SWOSSAA “A” Champions – Junior Boys Volleyball 

2017-2018   Swimming OFSAA Silver Medal – Senior Boys 50m Freestyle  

2017-2018   Track and Field OFSAA Bronze Medal – Junior Girls 80m Hurdles 

Student Council

Our active Student Council gives students opportunities to get involved and learn hands-on leadership while also developing their problem-solving, communication and organizational skills – all of which they take with them long after graduation. The Student Council plans fun events, operates our Panthers’ Den (snack bar) and supports two Compassion Children in the developing world. 

Next Steps

Are you interested in other parts of Maranatha Christian Academy? Visit our other open house pages for a complete view of our school!

For more information and next steps in the admission process, please contact the MCA Admissions Office at To stay in touch with our school, follow us on social media where we post highlights of our school life.