We will be in the town of El Tizate near the city of Antigua, and Guatemala City.

Our MCA Missions Trip is days away from departure, with 19 students and 5 chaperones. As our grade 12 students focus on their Semester One final exams, and juggle their preparations for the missions trip, God continues to provide and organize details for our departure. Praise God that almost 100% of our finances have come in, and though there are still a few minor expenses that are likely to come up, we are confident that God is providing for our needs.

The entrance to Colegio Cristiano Avivando El Fuego, a light on a hill in Guatemala.

Pray that we would grow together as a team, working towards the single purpose of serving God in Guatemala. Pray for our departure this Tuesday, January 22nd, as we leave for Toronto, and for our return on February 3rd. Please continue to pray for health and safety during the trip. Pray also for the Guatemalan children and families we will meet and interact with each day.

In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus challenged his followers, telling us that we “(You) are the light of the world. . . . let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Pray that we would be a light for God in Guatemala. In the process, we will learn more about God’s desire to love others through us, as he changes us into his image.