By Ryan MacLean and William Fiagbe

Farewells can be overwhelming, but they can be full of laughter too.
Personal pizzas were a favorite at El Tenedor (The Fork).

Our final day here in Guatemala was a good day to end on. We finished the painting on the school walls, played soccer with the ESL class and said our goodbyes to all the kids. We also visited a macadamia nut farm that supports the school and learned how macadamia nuts are harvested, how many per year, and even got to break a few open and have some. We had a very late lunch at a place with a wonderful view of multiple volcanoes.  It was called El Tenedor (The Fork) and they served wonderful food. Over the week, we may not have finished everything we started, but I feel that we did ok.  The work that we did will leave a lasting impression with the school, the kids and the teachers.  Sometimes a coat of paint can make a big difference and sometimes a simple conversation in English can impact a student who is willing to learn. Not only that, but the school has left a lasting impression on us.

Three volcanoes were visible from the restaurant, once the clouds had cleared; El Fuego (The Fire), Hacatenango, and El Agua (The Water).