Day 9: Saying goodbye is hard

It’s our last day today. Saying goodbye to the kids was a lot harder than we thought. We’re going to miss everyone. We had devotions with the elementary school, and at the end, the kids and teachers prayed for us and hugged us goodbye.  

Once the kids went to class, we got ready for some English classes. Later when the classes were done, we had snack time. After snack time, we went down to the construction site one last time to visit the kids and their family. It was nice to see all of the progress that was done, especially from when we first saw their house.  

After continuous tears and saying our final goodbyes, we left the school and went to lunch; it was pretty amazing, and the restaurant was beautiful. Then we went back to the casa, played some euchre, packed up, and had night devotions.  

We had the absolute greatest time in Guatemala. It was definitely life changing. We all enjoyed our time here and many forever memories were made. Currently, we’re pretty tired and upset that we need to be awake by 3:00 am to catch our flight tomorrow!