Cuba – Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January-30-18

Instead of being repetitive, I’ll just let you know we started today off just like any other. 7:00am wake-up, 7:30 breakfast, and 8:30 pick-up. Although something a little different did happen before we left today. We were greeted by a man named Leonardo. While visiting at a neighboring hotel he was told that there was a group of 23 Christians like him at this hotel and he wanted to come and meet us. He shared his testimony with us, and gave us great encouragements to remember that what we are doing is always about God, and to have faith that he will provide.

After that we headed to Santa Clara to visit another church and visit the children in the oncology ward, but as we have all learned our new middle name is flexible. Pastor Roberto Reyes shared a little bit about the church’s ministries. One interesting thing about the pastor at this church is that he initially had studied to become a paediatric surgeon, and then opened this church four years ago. He continues to do both now, but only by the help and support of the team and family at his church. He spoke to us about how their church is still growing. They get up to 200 children for summer school and 50-60 children weekly for Sunday School. He talked about how his ministry at the hospital has greatly impacted their attendance. Many of the families have been reached through their children, some of whom were patients in the hospital at some point.

Afterwards we had lunch with them and discovered that we weren’t allowed to go to the hospital. Instead they quickly sent word into the neighborhood and invited the children from church and in the neighborhood to come together. We got out all our gear and began entertaining them. Although it wasn’t exactly what we thought we would be doing, it was still a lot of fun. The kids instantly fell in love with the bubbles and face paint. We were interrupted after a bit, so that the church could put on an interesting skit, that had a very deep underlying message about God’s forgiveness. When it was done we had about another hour with the kids, and then we were on our way. Although our time was short, and at times seemed difficult because of the coughs and sniffles, it was a great encouragement to see God’s hand at work in Cuba.

After what seemed like the longest bus ride yet (only about one and a half hours), we finally arrived back the hotel. We had an hour to relax before we came together to worship and talk about our Thorns and Roses. After supper there is a bit of time to relax together as we prepare for our last two days serving here in Cuba. We hope to end it well!!! We love and miss all of you back home, and can’t wait to share the amazing things we see happening in CUBA! <3              ~Rianna F <