MCA: Education with a Purpose



Maranatha employs teachers from many denominations who walk with Jesus Christ and who have chosen to teach at this school in Christian witness. Facts are presented within a framework of Christian values so they are more than neutral pieces of information to be regurgitated. Typically parents send their children to a school that reflects the values of the family. MCA is a parental school that aims to form a partnership with the home to collectively educate young people to serve the Lord in all facets of life. Students recognize variety and order in creation, are taught that a caring God shields us from an enveloping evil that would otherwise consume us, and that our lives must be a continual thank you to Him who saved us.



Mission Statement

In accordance with God’s will and in obedience to His Word, our mission as a Christian community is to work in unity to educate our children in a Bible-based environment that promotes and nurtures excellence in academics, Christian conduct, service for God, knowledge of God and the development of mature Christian youths.

Educational Standards

Maranatha Christian Academy is a school where learning, teaching and discipline are based on Biblical principles. The staff is instrumental in guiding all students in their academic growth and total development while helping them to develop and maintain a Christian view of life in their character, and in their social and moral values. Qualified teachers are employed on the basis of their academic training, experience and spiritual maturity. Each teacher has a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and will use and develop curriculum materials which have a Christian perspective.

Teaching is directed toward helping the individual student reach full academic potential. Each student’s total development is evaluated regularly through tests and other means of evaluation and the results are reported to parents formally at least three times per year. Report cards are issued to the parents, reporting progress by means of letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) or number grades, so that parents can see how the student is doing. All students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 are tested for academic progress by using standardized tests.

The elementary division provides education from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 using a well-integrated curriculum which meets (and in many areas exceeds) the basic requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Common Curriculum. Our curriculum includes spelling and grammar, a phonetic approach to reading, Bible, math, social studies, science, physical education, French, art and music. All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective, but not from any denominational point of view.

The secondary division offers courses that lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Courses offered are in excess of 110 hours to qualify and the school is inspected biannually by officials from the Ministry of Education. The curriculum is achievable but challenging, and our students have benefited greatly from an atmosphere that encourages a culture of learning.


Expanding The Mind

Academic Excellence

Every school day your children will learn more than just the basics. They will be challenged to excel in a caring and constructive learning environment. Annual standardized testing and high school reports give evidence to the high level of learning at Maranatha.

Christian Teachers

Every teacher at Maranatha is professionally qualified to teach. Each has graduated from a university and holds a teacher’s certificate. They also have a personal relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. They value each student as created in the image of God and have a genuine desire to see each student grow to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Complete Curriculum

Our well-rounded curriculum, including French, music and computer training, meets and exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Each student’s development is regularly evaluated, tested and reported.


Instructing the Soul

The students begin each day with prayer and devotions. Believing that all truth is God’s truth, this is just the beginning. Whether math or science, history, french or gym, God’s truth will permeate their learning experiences.

The Bible

God’s word is the source of all wisdom and the final authority on the matters of life and learning. Students will come to understand that the Bible is relevant to all aspects of life. Having a Biblical view on life will last and guide them through all their future.

Strengthening the Heart

Your children will gain a positive self identity, understand personal responsibility, and learn love and concern for others. As a parent you will be reassured knowing that what is being taught to your children at school will reinforce what is being taught at home and in your church.

Character Building

The hearts of students are ready to be shaped positively or negatively by the dominant influences in their world. At Maranatha we are committed to shaping their lives by inspiring them to express qualities that matter most – kindness, honesty, respect for authority, and a love for God. Students learn in an environment where strong friendships are fostered. Not only do they share classes together, but they also encourage each other in the faith.

Parents as Partners

Elected parents make up our Board of Directors and committees who in turn make all major decisions regarding the direction of our school. Your participation and presence at school is not only permitted but welcomed!


History of Maranatha

In May of 1984, a group of Christian parents met to discuss the possibility of providing Christian education for their children by having them bussed to the Christian school in Cottam. Within minutes, the Lord led this group to concentrate their efforts towards the establishing of a parent-run Christian day school which is God centred right here in Windsor. Those same people formed a Steering Committee, and started the groundwork for the opening of such a school. In September 1985,MARANATHA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF WINDSOR became a reality. Praise be to God!

Maranatha Christian Academy is an interdenominational school which is a registered charity with the federal government and has been incorporated as a non-profit organization since October 1985. Our parents, teachers, board members, and administrator all play significant roles in the daily operation of the school.

Our first year of operation was held in a vacated school building (located at 2440 Virginia Park), leased from the Windsor Association for the Mentally Handicapped. We were able to offer a Christ-centred quality education to 103 students from junior kindergarten through grade eight using Christian textbooks and materials. In the summer of 1992, Maranatha moved its operation to 939 Northwood. This newer building was also rented from the Windsor Community Living Services (formerly WAMR) and purchased in the fall of 1995.

In the summer of 1996, the membership agreed to sell the Filipino Community Centre, situated on the north side of our property, directly to the organization. The funds from this sale were to be used along with generous donations to build a new gym. The new gym, completed in the spring of 1997, is large and spacious, allowing a much more effective physical education program. Extra car parking space was also added at this time and the old gym was converted to classrooms.

To accommodate growth, building and renovation programs were implemented each from 1997 through 2002. Classrooms, a new stage in the gym, and a second storey was built including two computer labs, a science lab, a music room, an art room and a weight room.

Our High School began in September 1999, and we added one grade per year culminating with our first High School graduating class in June of 2003. We are very proud of our graduates and have had many excellent experiences with them as they have grown through the years. We are proud to see them go on to further education knowing they have been well prepared, but we are also sad to see them go, valuing the relationships that we enjoyed with them.

The Lord has smiled upon us and we give thanks for the challenges and the blessings He has visited upon us.

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