Cuba 2018

Arrival in Cuba – Our plane finally took off from the Toronto airport almost exactly 12 hours after the scheduled departure.  As a result, we  arrived at our hotel with very little sleep, but still smiling, around 1:00 am.  This necessitated a slight change to plans for today in order to have students and chaperones who would be capable of functioning effectively.  Consequently, we had a late start and a restful afternoon, but as you will hear from Shannan and Lily, our evening was full and exciting.

PRAYER REQUEST:  The changes in our travel from Toronto to Cuba have had a few ripple effects in our schedule here in Cuba.  This coming Monday, we have been asked to travel to two churches near Havana to participate in a youth group assembly and a baseball ministry.   This is a trip of 3 hours each direction and will cost more than we had anticipated.  However, Pastor Lewis who is a district church leader explained that these churches are anticipating fellowshipping with us.  We believe that God is calling us to respond to this opportunity to encourage his church here in Cuba.  Approximately $1000 is necessary to cover the bus rental and accommodations for this ministry.   If you would like to assist with this need, please contact the school office for information.