By Jordynn Boycott and Jubilee Shantz

Three of our young Guatemalan friends who came to the VBS every day.

            Today was a busy day. We started off our morning with incredible worship in the high school. Near the end of devotions, all the teachers and many students surrounded our Canadian team and prayed over us. It was very powerful and made an impact. We then split into two groups. The first went to put the second coat of paint on the giant soccer field wall. The second group continued the never-ending task of making flashcards and schedules for the teachers. Throughout the day, members of our team went in groups to various high school English classes to interact with the students. This was a great opportunity to get to know one another.

Joel faces off against one of the smaller VBS visitors in an unpredictable battle of Rock, Paper Scissors War.
Every song we sang with the children seemed to delight them, and it wasn’t just the Canadians trying to do all the actions.

            After we finished at the school, we went in our lunch groups to different homes. Sadly, this was the last time we enjoyed authentic homemade Guatemalan food. Following lunch, was our very energetic last day of VBS. The room was packed with many joyful children, as we learned the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. It was a great way to end our VBS as everyone walked out with a smile.

The 90 foot statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Aaron) presided over his kingdom as the king (Anthony) decreed that all must worship it.

After such an eventful day already, we had to quickly eat and get ready to go out and play soccer with some of the local Guatemalan youth. We went full out with matching clothes, hair, and Canadian face paint. Although, we only played for little over half an hour since our bus was late, it was so fun and we will never forget it. The girls played on one field, while the boys played on the other. It was very competitive but mostly just fun. The girls split into four teams, while the boys played Canadians versus Guatemalans. Not surprisingly, the Guatemalans crushed them. We are now looking forward to a very good night’s sleep.

Despite the late arrival of our bus, we had a great time playing futbol (soccer) with some of the jovenes (youth) from school and church.